Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing

The email marketing numbers don’t lie. About 90 percent of all email, in one way or another, is part of a marketing campaign. The rest of your inbox is filled with newsletters, news articles, surveys, and probably that slow cooker recipe you’ve been bugging your coworker about for the last week.

This upshift follows a national trend, according to the Data & Marketing Association, that email continues to be one of the most successful mediums for industries, professionals, and marketers to deliver their message. That’s why the national average for email open rates is about 30%.

So what kind of industries are building email lists to capitalize on the strength of email marketing? The DMA says travel, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries lead the pack. They’re followed by nonprofits, media, B2B, technology, insurance, finance, consumer goods, and more.

Who’s Most Likely to Open Your Email?

With more than 224 million users across the country, you may already know the answer. Yes—we’re talking about smartphone users. A whopping 47% of people open emails on their smartphone, according to the DMA. That’s beats 37% and 16% of people who open emails on desktop and tablet, respectively. The takeaway is mobile experience is absolutely critical to a successful email campaign.

Personalized Email Marketing is Just Better

If sending thousands upon thousands of emails has taught us anything, it’s that personalization is the sure way to find common ground with your target audience. This can be simply mentioning them by first name (we can help you with that) or incorporating other relatable content into your email. Other ways you can boost your email campaigns are automation, testing, and responsive design. For more tips, download our Email Best Practices.

Ready to Start Your Email Marketing Campaign?

InfoUSA’s in-house email experts can build your campaign for you! Whether it’s determining how you want to target new customers or creative design, we’ll help you identify the right solution at the right price so you reach millions of potential new customers. Learn more about building a business or consumer email list by clicking one of the buttons below. Or if you’re a self-starter, you can explore our DIY online email builder.

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More than 45 Years of Experience

Every year, InfoUSA deploys an average of 25 billion emails for thousands of businesses across the country. We also invest over $20 million every year to having the most up-to-date data possible. We employ over 300 full-time researchers to ensure our business and consumer records are current. We then make 24 million calls each year to gather and verify valuable business information.

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