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How do I update my business listing? Managing the local listing for your business online can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why InfoUSA offers you the ability to update your business listings quickly and easily. We’ll even take care of distributing your business listing to navigation systems, directory assistance and leading search engines like Google so that your business can be found by customers looking to do business with you.

What is Bulk Update?

  • First- Bulk Update keeps your business information current and allows you to Add, Delete, or Update Locations; and push more Enhanced Content to Infogroup licensees.
  • Second- Bulk Update empowers you to manage your listings all at once rather than your current process of updating your listings one at a time among multiple public sources.
  • Third – Bulk Update is a one-stop service for distributing your listings to hundreds of local search and navigation partners reaching millions of consumers.
Bulk Update is ideal for:
  • Chains
  • Brands
  • SMBs
  • Franchises
In diverse markets like:
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Services
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • And more
Distributed to:
  • Portable & Vehicle Navigation Systems
  • Online Search Engines for desktop and mobile search results
  • Directory Assistance

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